Mortar Pan features

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    Impact Resistant, Lightweight Material

    Made from specialized copolymer materials and UV protection admixtures, GATORBACK mortarpans are built to withstand the daily abuse of trowels and shovels. Weighing only 8 lbs it is the lightest, toughest pan on the market.

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    Reinforced, Integrated Handles

    Only GATORBACK pans have reinforced handles that allow laborers and masons to carry 4-5 mortarpans in each hand at their sides to avoid back strain. This significantly reduces job set up and clean up times for greater efficiency.

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    Impervious, Rigged Surface

    The GATORBACK's super smooth surface and perma-contour design keeps all moisture in the mortar for optimal boardlife and workability to cut retempering times and increase productivity. Unlike polypropylene and ethylene pans that bend and warp or steel pans that always dent and become heavy, GATORBACKs always keep their shape in every condition.

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    Double-Thick Bottom, Low-Slope Sides

    To be the toughest pan, the GATORBACK's bottom is 0.33" thick, which is twice as thick as the sides and 100% thicker than any other pans. The GATORBACK's open-faced design and 6" depth makes it easier for masons to get their trowels in and out of the pan with speed and efficiency without hitting their knuckles on the edges.


    • Dimensions: 30" x 30" x 6"
    • Bottom thickness: 0.33"
    • Handle Cut-out: 2" x 9"
    • Weight: 8 lbs
    • Material: Impact resistant polymer
    • Pans per case: 10
    • Ship on one standard pallet or 30" x 30" mini-pallet
    • Each case weighs: 82
    • Case dimensions: 30" x 30" x 10"

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