Mortar Pan benefits


    Whether the job is laying brick, installing stone veneer units or plastering a wall, GATORBACK mortarpans are designed to keep mortar and stucco at optimum workability and consistency to increase daily production. Unlike wood mortarboards that take moisture from mortar and steel pans that are heavy, dent and conduct heat, GATORBACK pans eliminate time wasted on retempering mortar. Because GATORBACKs improve and extend the workability of mortar, they reduce the amount of product wasted or discarded. This ensures that only good, workable mortar is used for higher jobsite production and consistent mortar properties.


    GATORBACK mortarpans are manufactured with impact resistant, UV treated copolymer material for durability and longevity. Engineered for extreme conditions and high levels of job site production, they are easy to handle and take the abuse of trowels and shovels in both summer and winter construction. GATORBACK pans will hold over 175 pounds (1.5 cu.ft.) of mortar to keep masonry crews working.


    Weighing only 8 pounds and designed with an integrated handle feature plus the pan's ability to nest with others, GATORBACK pans allow masons and tenders to easily and safely carry multiple pans at one time without back strain. This makes job site set-up and clean-up quick while cutting wasted time and material. The mirror finish of GATORBACKs makes them easy to clean - masons and laborers will take care of this tool since it makes their job easier.


    At .33 inches thick, the bottom of the GATORBACK mortarpan is 100% thicker than other mortarpans. Since this area of the pan is the backbone of the tool and will take the majority of daily abuse, our engineers reinforced the area to exceed the contractor's expectations. Due to their rigidity, size and strength, GATORBACK pans work on steel stands, scaffold plank or on top of masonry units. Significant research, development and material selection went into the design, strength and performance of this essential tool giving masonry tradesmen the best equipment to get the job done. Mason contractors thrive when new technology and innovation improves their efficiency.GATORBACKs are proven to do that EVERY DAY!

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